Recently I wrote about Firefox using the Expires header as opposed to the max-age Cache-Control header.  It was pointed out that the bug tracking this is marked as closed.  I was very excited by this news and when I saw the news yesterday that Firefox had released a preview of 3.5 I decided to check and see if this bug fix had made it into 3.5.  Needless to say I was very disappointed to still see that the incorrect caching behavior exists - the Expires header overrides the Cache-Control header. 

I did a little bit of digging around and see that this bug was first reported April 24, 2003 that's 6 years and still no fix in site.   My question is why is it taking so long for this issue to be resolved?  The targeted milestone for this to be fixed is mozilla 1.9.2a1.  No where have I been able to find what Firefox version that correlates to.  The Firefox 3.5 Preview is using 1.9.1b99.  When oh when will this be fixed? 

clip_image002On the plus side I really like the changes in the Clear Recent History functionality.  I am constantly having to clear my cache when testing sites to see how they perform with and without a populated cache.  Of course this means wiping out my entire cache and the result is I get slower performing page downloads for the sites I frequently visit.  The ability to specify a time range is a definite step in the right direction so I can only clear the content for the last hour and not items that have been in cache longer.   I'm still looking for a way to clear only the memory cache.