It's iRules Contest time again, community!iRuleDoYouv1  I wasn't new to F5 products for the first contest, as I was a version 4.5 user for a couple years, but I was relatively new to the v9 TCL-based iRules.  I was working on a couple different projects at the time, one with terminal server and one with some multi-site SSL redirection challenges, that brought me full force into the DevCentral experience.  F5ers Joe, Colin, Deb & unRuleY nurtured me along, taking time out of their schedules to assist in my learning curve.  This community that I now get to share in serving really blew me away with the willingness to reach out and help.  It was unRuleY's guidance and insight that led to my winning iRule in the first contest.  It was Jeff's kind request that I join the judging panel for the second contest.  Really, the whole experience with DevCentral, before and since joining F5, feels like family.  And not the family you avoid at holidays.  I'm talking about the family you can't wait to hang out with.  Who knew something as simple as a TCL script and a project could shape my career path the way it has.  So, now that I'm done being sappy...what projects are you working on that makes for a killer iRule?  Not just the technicalities, but the impact it has on your organization?  Submit your iRules entry form, and maybe you'll be booting up a MacBook Pro, or snapping some shots with a Canon EOS 5D Mark II DSLR soon enough!  Click here for contest details.  Happy iRuling!