DC4-Podcast Jeff, Colin and I just finished up a set of training sessions to our new sales and SE folks about all the goodness that is DevCentral, iRules, and iControl.  We had an hour and a half and the "plan" was 30 minutes DevCentral (Jeff), 30 minutes iRules (Colin) and 30 minutes iControl (me). 

Lesson learned: Jeff goes last from now on!  Jeff rounded up his talk a little over the one hour mark, Colin sped his up to 20 minutes, which left me with 6 minutes to cover the iRule Editor and iControl.  Luckily the folks opted to cut their break after our talk short to hear what I had to say.  Hopefully it was worth skipping the bathroom breaks B-). 

Overall the feedback was great and I hope the folks that we talked to learned a little something in the process.  The one thing that sticks out was when a new employee (call him Mr. X) came up to me and said this: "I just wanted to tell you that your podcasts are the reason I came to work for F5".  He went on to explain how a colleague of his pointed him to DevCentral and he really enjoyed the "realness" that we relayed across.  In my head I was thinking "NO FRIGGIN WAY!!!" but what came out of my mouth was something to the effect of "that's great, I'm glad you've enjoyed it".  I know we as a team enjoy recording these every week as It gives us a chance at the end of the week to "geek out" and talk about interesting things we've dealt with during the week.  We've got users and customers who are listening to the podcasts, but I didn't think that they were powerful enough to actually get someone to consider us as a potential employer.

I wonder if he would have put "The DevCentral Weekly Roundup Podcast" on the "Who referred you?" section of his application, if the podcast would have received the referral bonus that employees receive when referring candidates who are later hired?  HR, did you hear this?  As the legal guardian of the podcast, I'll be on the lookout for the Roundup's paycheck stub in the coming weeks.  I'm not sure how HR will handle paying a referral bonus to a pseudo-non-employee that has no social security number or any legal existence out side of DevCentral.  Nor do I have a clue on how a podcast would be treated by the IRS for tax reasons, but I have faith in our HR group to work it all out in the name of fairness B-).

Welcome aboard Mr. X, maybe someday we'll out you and you can tell your story to the community.

Oh, and if any other of you podcast listeners out there are interested in opportunities at F5, be sure to add "The DevCentral Weekly Roundup Podcast" to your employment application!