I read the CRN article that @lmacvittie cited in a tweet she sent this morning.  The article contains the following quote from a Nortel partner: “Alteon is still the standard by which F5 Networks sets its sites but it [the Alteon product line] needs a new lease of life,” 

We obviously need to engage with Darren Boyce, the person who made that statement as it couldn’t be farther from the truth.  If we were to use Alteon as the target for where we pointed our development efforts, it would be like driving a car down the road while we only looked in the rearview mirror.  As Mr. Boyce said, the Alteon products need a new lease on life, so why would we model ourselves on them?

What does dictates our direction?  Tons of feedback from customers, prospective customers and people who have selected competitive products.  That’s way more powerful than modeling ourselves after one of our competitors.