There's a blog post - ironically touting a title with "economies" in it - over on talking about the need to get more enterprises to contribute cash and updates to Open Source Projects.

So the Freeks (Free Freaks who expect everyone else's work to be free but still want to be paid for their work) are now not-so-free? You can't have it both ways. Either capitalism in all of its glory reigns, or socialism in all of its glory reigns. But you can't destroy the free market and replace it with a mandatory payment scheme. Well you can try, if you're really interested in seeing your experiment dwindle on the vine. Just ask any of the (former) economists for the (former) Soviet Union.

Look, I use Open Source, I've contributed back to Open Source, but the point of OSS was to make software free. You did that. You start to sound like a drug dealer when you call for something in return for free software.

After all, the first hit is always free, right?


/Reading: This was a bonus post, see my last post from this morning if you actually follow my reading habits.

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