After reviewing the flood of entries (thank you ALL!) in 2009 contest, we’re ready for what I’ve been most excited about: your chance to select the winner of this year’s iRule. Do You? contest.

If you want to skip the extra blabbering from me, you click here and vote!

Otherwise, here are some more details about the contest.

As you’ve probably noticed, we’re running a bit behind our original schedule. It’s directly due to the many entries and due diligence from our judging team to spend the necessary time reviewing the entries thoughtfully.

Special thanks go out to our Expert Panel of Judges for making time for the judging process:

They are all industry leaders that do great work in their respective fields so take a few minutes to check out what they do.

Additionally, thanks to our F5 Guest Judge, iRule Guru, and all-around great guy and community contributor, Kirk Bauer. To get an idea of his iRule chops, just check out the incredibly popular (and recently updated!) Proxy Pass iRule.

The iRules we reviewed were fantastic. Here are just a few of the comments from our judges about some of the iRules they reviewed:

“Nice solution to a growing problem. Video servers demand lots of bandwidth and this takes the load off.”

“Great internal use for iRules, and since SMB is used in any Microsoft shop, there may be some extensibility for other users.”

“Great integration to web authentication. Could be extended to other technologies beyond Siteminder.”

“I like the fact that iRules solved this challenging problem, and I think it was a great idea to do so…”

“Very original concept for a challenging problem, and quite a simple iRule to accomplish so much. Much cleaner than the alternative. I like it!”

“I really like this solution: it is the Election Hash iRule for load balancing proxies but with RTSP and using redirects so traffic doesn't flow through the LTM. Interesting and novel use of an iRule and I think it would be applicable to other similar streaming media solutions.”

“I love iRules that manipulate binary traffic and this one is very compact and functional.”

“This iRule is unquestionably valuable.”

“Fixing bugs in browsers with BIG-IP iRule insertions. You don't get much more cool than that, do you?”

Without question, this has been the best iRule contest yet, with many entrants, close competition at the highest levels, the VERY best part: you get to vote to! So, select your favorite iRule. You have until 12pm on Monday, November 2, 2009 to choose yours. Then, well add your votes to the overall selection process and announce our winners shortly!