On Dec 24th we decided to go somewhere for a few days of skiing right after Christmas since there was no snow on the local hills near Seattle. After many calls we lucked out and got a room in the village at Sun Peaks near Kamloops, British Columbia from Dec 27th to January 2nd. The conditions were great - a nice mix of new snow and sun.

On our last day there, I went for a day of snow cat skiing in the back country. I met Hank, the guy who owns the cat skiing operation there on the chairlift one day and after talking to him, I signed up to go. His operation has access to 4,000 acres of terrain and is trying go get access to more. Hank uses a "classic" Tucker Sno-Cat that seats 5-6 people in addition to the guide and operator and it's just a hoot to ride in. When we were climbing up one pretty steep slope, the snow cat started to leak dark colored oil under the strain. We let the operator know & he said "as long as it's not red, we're good to go!"

I had a fantastic day of fresh snow and and great terrain. It was a great way to spend New Year's day. If you have a chance to ski or ride for a day with Hank and his crew, I'd highly recommend it.