Hey Community!  Just a gentle nudge that we are still accepting entries for the iRules Contest through 5pm pacific on the 30th of September.  Yes, that's only 15 days from now!  I see several iRules flying by in the forums each week that are no brainers for consideration.  Take this nice example from the forums:

Forum iRule from user UZimmerman

 when HTTP_REQUEST {    set downtimepool "Downtime-NonSSL"    set downtimemember ""    set downtimeport "16080"    set downtime 0    if { ([LB::status pool $downtimepool member $downtimemember $downtimeport] eq "up") \         and (![IP::addr [IP::client_addr]/16 equals]) } {      pool $downtimepool      log local0. "Sending request to pool $downtimepool"      set downtime 1    }  }  when SERVER_CONNECTED {    if { $downtime == 1 and [PROFILE::exists serverssl] == 1 } {      set disable "SSL::disable serverside"      catch {eval $disable}      log local0. "Disabled server side SSL"    }  }

User UZimmerman was looking for a way to allow for downtime without having to touch each virtual before and after.  This iRule is a great example of function, though if submitted for the contest, would benefit from some optimization.

What problems can you solve by sitting down and cranking out code?  There are several really cool prizes waiting for you.