Konfuzius-1770 About a month ago, CloudFucius Hollered about F5’s On-Demand IT solutions which offers a holistic approach to enable a common cloud architectural model—regardless of where IT resources actually reside.  That post contained links to the various whitepapers specifically covering F5’s Cloud Computing Solutions which were designed to unleash the true potential of virtualization and cloud computing.  It’s a comprehensive approach that integrates disparate technologies for application delivery, security, optimization, data management, and infrastructure control—all critical technologies needed to realize the true flexibility and agility of virtualization and cloud computing solutions.  CloudFucius is now excited to announce the availability of those whitepapers in audio format. 

For your listening pleasure:

Audio White Paper - The F5 Powered Cloud - How F5 solutions power a cloud computing architecture capable of delivering highly-available, secure, and optimized on-demand application services.  Read the full pdf of the whitepaper here.

Audio White Paper - The Optimized and Accelerated Cloud - As more organizations begin moving applications into the cloud, congestion will become an increasingly critical issue. F5 offers solutions for optimizing and accelerating applications in the cloud, making them fast and available wherever they reside.  Read the full pdf of the whitepaper here.

Audio White Paper - Securing the Cloud - Cloud computing has become another key resource for IT deployments, but there is still fear of securing applications and data in the cloud. With F5 devices, you can keep your most precious assets safe, no matter where they live.  Read the full pdf of the whitepaper here

Audio White Paper - Cloud Balancing: The Evolution of Global Server Load Balancing - Cloud balancing evolves global server load balancing from traditional routing options based on static data to context aware distribution across cloud-based services.  Read the full pdf of the whitepaper here.

Audio White Paper - Availability and the Cloud - Cloud computing offers IT another tool to deliver applications. While enticing, challenges still exist in making sure the application is always available. F5’s flexible, unified solutions ensure high availability for cloud deployments.  Read the full pdf of the whitepaper here

And one from Confucius: Learning without thought is labor lost; thought without learning is perilous.


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