Konfuzius-1770 Last year I wrote a blog series called, ‘26 Short Topics About Security’ covering an alphabet soup of stories.   It seemed to be well received and this year I’ve decided to do another – this time focused on Cloud Computing with ‘CloudFucius’ as my guide.  Confucius, of course, was a Chinese philosopher who focused on personal growth, morals, good judgment, ethics and many other life enlightening behaviors.  He lived around 500BC and is credited with, ‘Do not impose on others what you yourself do not desire,’ and many other gems like, ‘Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.

First, I want to stake a claim here that CloudFucius (TM) is mine and I have started the copyright process.  :-)  I googled and did a copyright search for 'Cloudfucius' and absolutely nothing gets returned, which actually surprised me.  'Cloud-fucius' returns a bunch of 'fucius' stuff so I figured it’s good to take.  If you do have any rights, speak up now.  While I am well versed with the security stories, I can admit I'm no cloud super-expert; knowledgeable but certainly not to the level of MacVittie, Ness and the rest.  While weaving in what I do know, I was thinking of investigating a bunch of cloud topics that I’m not an expert on, learn along the way and report on it.  Education for all and playing off the fact that Confucius=wisdom.  Hopefully CloudFucius will teach us something along the way.  He’ll start next week with some easy doctrines like, CloudFucius Says: AAA Important to Cloud and in later weeks move into other areas like, CloudFucius Says: Secure Cloud is Possible.  I’m looking forward to what we uncover and CloudFucius is excited to spread some cloud knowledge to the masses and someday getting a Hasbro toy and game named after him.

下 周 见 - 下 for Next; 周 for week; 见 for see/meet.


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