We at F5 are not unfamiliar with the problems presented by multi-processing. We also have development that must take advantage of both multiple cores and multiple CPUs. Our development team tackled this problem a while back, and is continuing to add improvements to how our system handles multi-processing.

So I thought I'd take a break from talking about how others are tackling the problem as it relates to your development environment, and offer you a bit of an overview and a document that offers you some background on the problem.

Our own Kenneth Salchow, Manager of Product Management (is that redundant?) wrote a White Paper on our answer to this dilemma - Clustered Multi Processing.

This document is a good read if for no other reason than the overview of the options available that he presents. I highly recommend it if you are trying to figure out multi-processing and the issues involved. While it doesn't address development specific issues and won't give you advice on how to tackle the problem, it does give you a background and offer you a 10,000 foot overview of our solution.


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