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You Never Know When...

An old article gets new life. #TBT Back in 2012 I wrote an article titled Bait Phone. It was about cops dropping mobile phones with a tracking device and following the stealing culprit for an arrest. Like Bait Car but with a smartphone. Over the... Read more
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The Importance of Licensing to Equalize Dev and Production

We’re all aware that dev/test != production environments. While the software stacks upon which applications are deployed may be (and hopefully are) the same, there still remains a whole lot of “infrastructure” (that’s everything else) that isn’t... Read more
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F5 Agility - Welcome to 'The City of Dreams'

This year, Vienna hosts F5 Agility. In advance of the event, we take a look at the hot spots and hidden gems of Austria's capital. Read more
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Lightboard Lessons: The BIG-IP ASM and WhiteHat Integration

Today’s web applications are under constant attack, and it’s critical to keep those applications secure at all times.  One of the best ways to keep your applications secure is to protect them with a Web Application Firewall (WAF) and also... Read more
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The Dangerous Game of DNS

The Domain Name Service (DNS) is one of the most important components in networking infrastructure, enabling users and services to access applications by translating URLs (names) into IP addresses (numbers). Because every icon and URL and all... Read more
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Dridex Malware – New Week, New Targets

Our ongoing campaign analysis has revealed that Dridex malware’s latest campaign focus has strongly shifted in recent months from U.K. banks, which had been the main targets previously, to US banks today. Dridex and its latest trends are... Read more
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A Catch from the Codeshare: Removing iRules from Multiple Virtual Servers

In this episode of A Catch from the Codeshare, Jason highlights a tmsh script from community member Kai that removes a specified iRule from any virtual servers from which it is applied. Read more
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The Anatomy of an Attack: Live Webinar

Have you ever wondered how some of the most prevalent web application attacks are actually executed in real life?  Join us on Thursday, April 28 @ 10:00 Pacific as F5's security expert David Holmes showcases the details of some... Read more
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Do You Have An Established Security Program? Are You Sure?

DevCentral's Chase Abbott ponders why today's application vendors are late to the Information Security Management System game? Defining ISMS programs early in a vendors business plan can boost revenue and reduce risk and headache's down the road so why is it so elusive? Because no one likes documentation. Read more
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F5's OpenStack Ecosystem and our Red Hat Partnership

F5 first certified our LBaaS plugin on the Redhat platform with Redhat OpenStack Platform v6.  Since that time, we have made significant progress in customer adoption of our joint OpenStack integration in both Enterprise and SP markets.... Read more
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F5 Heat Templates v7.0.1 released

Release Announcement 22 April 2016   We are pleased to announce the release of the v7.0.1 F5 Heat templates for OpenStack. This release introduces limited F5 support for deploying BIG-IP VE in OpenStack using Heat. Please se... Read more
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BIG-IP in Azure Classic! Yes, I’m Serious

So we all know that the BIG-IP is available in the Azure Marketplace right?  Right?  Well, if you weren’t aware, then you definitely need to checkout my previous post.The title of this post will make much more sense .Here’s something ... Read more
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How I did It - “Integrating Azure MFA with the BIG-IP”

One of the most interesting parts of my job is answering questions.  Mind you, these questions aren’t the usual meaningless ones like, “Hey Greg, is a Roth IRA right for me?” or “What’s the meaning of life?”.  Oh no, no , no; we’re... Read more
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F5 LBaaS Solutions and Mirantis

As F5 has continued to evolve our OpenStack related efforts we have developed a partnership ecosystem anddeveloped key integrations. These integrations are criticalto our customer deployments.  In this post we will discuss our partnership... Read more
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Demystifying iControl REST: Merging BIG-IP Config Files

A coworker/friend of mine here at F5 was working last week on some super secret project I hope I’ll get to see soon and reached out on the best approach for merging config files via iControl REST. The command in tmsh tmsh load sys config merge... Read more
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Application Layer DNS Firewall

Many firewalls and IPS solutions will lay claim to DNS application layer gateways (ALGs), but these solutions do not address many of the more modern threats to DNS infrastructure. These threats include DNS DoS attacks, reflection attacks,... Read more
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You’re Getting Under My (e)-Skin

Imagine if the temporary tattoos that come in a box of Cracker Jack (if you’re lucky) had an electronic display logo that lights up when you put it on. Or a fitness tracker that you tape to yourself rather than wearing it around your wrist. Or a... Read more
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Building Secure and Scalable 5G Networks

Building Secure and Scalable 5G Networks   Industry projections estimate that there will be 50 billion connected devices worldwide by 2020, or 7 devices for every person on earth. The fifth generation of mobile networks (5G) will be the... Read more
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F5 OpenStack LBaaSv2 Plugin v8.0.1 released

Release announcement - F5 LBaaSv2 driver and agent Read more
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Fachkräftemangel in der Chefetage

Das Schlagwort „Fachkräftemangel“ in der IT-Industrie ist in aller Munde. Nahezu jedes Unternehmen klagt darüber, nicht ausreichend qualifiziertes Personal zu finden und die Lücke, gerade in Bezug auf die IT-Sicherheit ist kaum zu... Read more
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Another Major Milestone from our OpenStack Dev Team

I have to say I have a great job. I am lucky enough to get to work on some of the most exsiting efforts at F5. And one of those efforts is working with F5's OpenStack Dev team. Today this team delivered our LBaaS v2 driver on github!... Read more
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Security Sidebar: Spear Phishing Still Happens…A Personal Story

I’ve been doing this security thing for many years now.  In a list of current Internet patrons, I would include myself in the category of “those on high alert” for fraudulent and nefarious activity.  I’ve seen many general phishing... Read more
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Einladung zum Webinar am 29. April um 11 Uhr - Anatomie eines Cyber-Angriffs

Moderne Anwender sind heute mobil, und nutzen Apps auch außerhalb des Unternehmensnetzwerkes. Applikationen wiederum haben Zugang zu Daten - auch immer mehr zu sensiblen. Der Speicherort der Daten kann in privaten Datenzentren ebenso in der... Read more
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Cultural Shifts and the F5 Embrace of Open Source Technology

Why do 48 of the Fortune 50 companies use F5? Well it is because we ensure applications are fast, secure, and available.  Providing an exceptional product with world class support has enabled F5 to dominate the ADC market for nearly a... Read more
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Microservices, Service Registries, and Architectural Debt

Microservices is not just a style of application development, it’s a set of design principles guiding how applications are composed (or decomposed, as the case may be) with a resulting architectural shift as supporting components are added to the... Read more
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