With DC4, we really wanted to make it easier to share samples beyond iRules. Why? Well, samples provide useful building blocks from which the community can both learn and get a jumpstart on a project. So, we (ahem - Colin, actually... ;-) did some masterful work that makes it much easier than ever to post samples as attachments. If you have a cool Perl script, some PHP, or even VB code that helps you, consider sharing it with the community. The more everyone shares, the more everyone benefits.

As a special nod to member "jb2kewl", check out the PHP scripts he posted today to manipulate node states. What's cool about this? It can be easily tweaked to do virtually any node manipulation exposed via iControl. Awesome. Thanks jb2kewl!

BTW - if you want to keep current with the latest samples posted to Codeshare, you can always look here.