1) - Example rules usually start with "rule rulename ..." this should not be included when using the GUI, as the rulename is specified in another text box.

2) If you are going to selectively use a profile, make it part of the Virtual Server config, and disable it on demand in your iRule. . eg. If you need to use serverssl under a limted number of conditions in your rule, you should enable serverssl on the VIP and turn off serverssl for the conditions where you don't need it.

3) Keep it simple. Remember an iRule is not always neccesary. Learn the functionality of the standard features of the BigIP before investigating whether to write an iRule.

4) Keep it simple part two. Remember although you can do it at the load balancer, it is not always best to do so. eg: If I can reconfigure my webserver to respond with html that includes links to the front-end VIP vs. the back-end webserver, that is much better than writing a rule that does a "search and replace" through the entire response payload.


P.S. - Subscribe to the iRules forum... reading all the posts will help get you up to speed