I've been throwing this phrase around a lot lately. I like it. I think it embodies the spirit of what's happening on DevCentral. Members are sharing ideas in the forums, posting samples and sample tweaks to codeshare, and more. The net result? Innovative solutions that share the unique skills and experience of a wide range of individuals in the community. I dig it. My favorite part about being involved with DevCentral and working with this team (btw - I'm in awe at the lengths Joe, Colin, and Don have gone to in order to make DC4 possible) is the fact that people in this community are really changing the way things work for the better. And, I believe this community is only getting started.

Also - while we may host the site, it's really you, the member's, community. So, get involved. Share ideas. And, let us know what we can do to help you.

BTW - stay tuned... there's more to come in the very near future. So, visit frequently in the coming days.