Ian-iRules Every now and then we get some interesting email addressed to us here on the DevCentral team.  Most of the time they are not blog worthy, but yesterday one came in that I thought I needed to share.

Instead of trying to provide some witty commentary, I’m just going pass along what was in the email and leave it to you to comment on.

To: DevCentral
From: Ian
Subject: My First iRule


My name is Ian and I’m two weeks old.  I was checking out DevCentral after my father told me all about it and was wondering if you had any iRules tutorials for a slightly younger audience?  I can’t read yet, but if you have some deployments guides in Baby Einstein format or maybe just big blocks that move around, showing how iRules work, that would be awesome.

I’m working on an iRule right now to solve a buffering in my diaper issue I’m having.

I don’t know much about networking, so I’m assuming TCP stands for “The Cr@py P00p”

  TCP::collect 30
  If { [TCP::payload] > 800 } {
    TCP:: release

I’ll take any feedback on whether you think it will work.

Have a great day


I usually don’t post stuff like this, but seeing how it’s coming from a 2 weeks old, I figured others out there might get a kick out of it.  Despite his amazing grasp of the English language, I did have to edit some of his words in the sentence right before the iRule in case you were wondering if he knew leet speek on his own.

Enjoy and please pass this along!