We’re excited to announce 2018 DevCentral MVPs - our largest group of MVPs to date!

The DevCentral MVP Award is given to a select group of exemplary people in the technical community who actively engage and share their experience and knowledge with others. We recognize their significant contributions to our community and the larger technical industry, and we want to say thank you. While all of our users collectively make DevCentral one of the top community sites around and a valuable resource for everyone, MVPs regularly go above and beyond in assisting others with their independent expertise.

Besides rocking the MVP badge in their DevCentral profiles, this year’s MVPs will receive a certificate, award, and thank-you gift, access to select Beta programs, and are invited to attend and participate in Agility Boston as honored guests.

The 2018 DevCentral MVPs (by username) are:

  • Boneyard
  • Hamish Marson
  • Hannes Rapp
  • JTI
  • Jinshu
  • Joel Newton
  • Kai Wilke
  • Kevin Davies
  • Leonardo Souza
  • MrPlastic
  • Nathan Britton
  • Niels Van Sluis
  • Patrik Jonsson
  • Piotr Lewandowski
  • Rob_carr
  • Stanislas Piron
  • Steven Iveson
  • Vijay
  • Yann Desmarest

Make sure to check out the MVP page for more info about the program and the MVPs themselves.

2018 MVPs – we salute and thank you, and we know the community at large thanks you as well!