Dear Internet Tough Guy,

You know who you are. You're the individual who has an insecurity complex, probably due to a sad childhood, the story of which no one is really interested in hearing. You're the troll that prowls technology blogs and forums looking for someone to voice an opinion with which you disagree just so you can tell them they're an (idiot|moron|fool) without any context or reference.

You're the person who posts comments without leaving a name, e-mail address, or website because deep down you're afraid of voicing your opinion (insults) without hiding behind the digital equivalent of mommy's apron: anonymity.

InternetToughGuy You add nothing of value to the conversation. Your observations are little more than school-yard bullying, comprised of name calling and vitriol for which you'd likely receive a good mouth washing if your mother heard you.

You're the individual that makes other people question the usefulness of the Internet.

You've left some comments on posts here calling other posters and bloggers such creative names as "moron". Comments here are moderated, by the way, so if they actually appear online it's because they've been "approved". In the past, I've generally allowed such comments to be posted, but as of today - no more.

I've spent eight long years in the public eye. Writing for trade publications, authoring books, and blogging. I'm tired of hearing from you, Mr. Internet Tough Guy, with your potty mouth and your bad attitude and your insults. I've heard it all in those eight years, some of it more than once. I'm tired of it. So I have two choices: stop interfacing with the public or stop you from interacting with the public, at least in any setting over which I have control. 

I've decided I'm not ready to quit, so guess which option that leaves?

If you want to disagree with me, please do. If you want to point out an error in logic, or a poor assumption, or a better technology - please do so. If you want to disagree passionately, go for it. But if the entire substance of your e-mail, forum post, or comment on a blog is "you are a moron", don't waste your time because it's not going to see the light of day.

I know this is hard, Mr. Internet Tough Guy, but think before you post. If you wouldn't say it with your mother looking over your shoulder, then it's likely you shouldn't post it.

And if you don't want people knowing you said it, then you definitely shouldn't post it at all.

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