We're lucky. It's rare to find such a team of people like those on the DevCentral team (and F5, for that matter) that are very bright, like to work hard together, and genuinely care about making people's lives better. I've worked with enough people to know that this is special. For me, it's inspiring and I'm proud to be a part of such a dynamic group of people.

However, on a completely different level (and hopefully just a little inspired by the team), our community has become something incredibly special. We continue to be amazed (and frankly, humbled) by the daily contributions of others to the community. Whether it's helpful forum responses, interesting sample posts, or great comments that add perspective to technical articles, it's really very incredible how much the community at large gives back to it's peers.

So, it only makes sense to acknowledge and applaud individuals that make such contributions. Take a moment to check out our "DevCentral Contributors" page. If your name is listed amongst the top-50 - THANK YOU. (If not, don't worry. You can get there too! Read the FAQ to learn how).

Over the coming months, we'll be doing more to highlight the top contributors. We will also provide special opportunities for those that contribute as a humble "thank you" for your ongoing help to others.

A final note: to us, community has always been about you. While we may help keep the site running, provide answers and assistance , and continually innovate in the ways we publish new and interesting info, in the end, it's your community. Without you, there is no community. Thank you and don't be shy about letting us know what you want.

Keep your eyes open for more coming re: contributors...