What we’ve got here is a failure to communicate. Some apps you just can’t reach … in the cloud.


Доброе утро!

What? You don’t speak Russian? Not even “baby” Russian? French? Spanish? Indonesian? Korean? Chinese?

If you’ve traveled you’ve probably picked up a few words here and there but it’s unlikely you are, at this point, fluent in any of the world’s languages excepting English. Luckily most other people in the world speak English better than you speak their language so you should get along just fine.

Unfortunately for folks stuck in the data center, most of their network and application network devices don’t have even that much in common. If you immediately thought “Hey, they have IP and TCP and HTTP in common” then think again. IP and TCP and even HTTP today are used as transport protocols, not data exchange formats. Your voice and the written word are IP and TCP and HTTP, but the actual data being exchanged? That’s where the difference between English and Russian comes in and rears its ugly head. (Well, there and at bedtime when you’re trying to explain to two non-English speaking girls it’s time to sleep.)