It’s Friday, the last day of work before taking off (literally) for Interop Monday morning.  It’s been insanely busy trying to get ready to leave. So busy, in fact, that I somehow managed to miss T minus 2 in the series.  Oh well, I was likely working on one of my presentations for next week, the presentation I gave this morning at 9, my blog, getting video gear together or … something.

I leave super early out of Seattle, so you won’t hear from me until I’m settled into my room in Vegas. I’ve got my presentations finished, I’ve sent them off to the appropriate people, I’ve slogged through the meetings and emails to get things cleaned up for when I’m gone.  You know, so I have a fresh pile of stuff to go through when I get back. Not the same old stuff from before. Because that’s, you know, better.

My topics are set, which is a good thing, since my presentations are already done.  I’ll be talking about both “iRules Event Order De-mystified” and “iRules Classes – What’s good, and what’s new?”. Snazzy titles, eh?  I know, I’m no marketing guy, but I promise there’s some goodness in them.  These are pretty quick talks, but I’m going to be hanging around the white-board at the booth afterwards for a couple of hours to get as deep into any questions you might have. iRules, iControl, BIG-IP in general, bring them all, we’ll crunch through them, and leave none behind! Or so I hope anyway.  If I can’t answer one of your immediate questions there’s a good chance one of the other folks at the booth can. Worst case scenario, I’ll bring it back with me and write about it the next week so we all get the answer.

I finally got a finalized version of the schedule for my presentations while I’m in Vegas. Come by booth #1931 at 11:30AM Tues-Thurs. to see me give a quick chat about iRules goodness. Then stick around for some white-boarding madness afterwards. If there are questions right away, I’m happy to dive right in.  Otherwise, I’m planning on manning the white board at 1PM each day if I have some folks wanting answers.

I’m planning on hanging around the booth from 10:30-2, so you can catch me there if you’ll be around. There will also be a host of other great F5ers there to answer any questions I might not be up to speed on.  Make sure to swing by if you’re going to be in the area.  Much geekery will be had, and as I’ve promised before, invitations to a reception with free food and tasty adult beverages.  Code, food and beer - what more could you ask for?

I’ll try to keep you updated on what’s going on, so stay tuned here, on twitter (colin_walker) and make sure to follow the #F5Interop tag on twitter to see what everyone else at F5 is up to regarding Interop this year.