It’s Wednesday already, and it feels like the week has just flown by.  I’m finishing up my presentations and getting things together to leave. I got a copy of the schedule for who’s going to be talking about what next week, and I’m quite pleased to be in great company.  Fellow DC bloggers Lori and Alan will be there, along with several other sharp F5 folks talking about a myriad of interesting stuff.  Hopefully some of them will keep the geek level high enough for our fellow engineer types.

It’s always interesting to me trying to put together content for something that’s not only a short presentation, but pretty “marketing-y” as well.  I often wrestle with making things look good and go down smoothly without dumbing down the content.  I’m actually really happy with the results I’ve gotten so far. I think there’s enough tech in there for me to talk about, and there’s even some code (like there was any doubt). All of that wrapped in a shiny, happy wrapper that will look snazzy (by my normal standards at least) and hopefully catch a few people’s attention.

This afternoon I’ll finish polishing up the already finished presentations and complete the last one so it too can be buffed to a radiant shine. After that I need to dive into the 20LoL to try and get that out tomorrow morning before the podcast. Then there are about three articles that need writing, a video to shoot, forum posts to answer…you get the idea.

There always seems to be twice as much to do as there is time, before I go out of town. Does everyone else wrestle with this too when prepping for a trip?  I can’t be the only one.