Today I begin my five day countdown to Interop 09.  I’m finalizing thoughts on presentation ideas, making lists of things to do both at work and around the house before flying down to Las Vegas on Monday for the show, and getting all of my other projects to a stopping point so I can leave them for a week. Interop should be a good show this year, as it always is. It’s huge, and there are always some interesting things to pick up there, as well as cool people to meet up with.

I’ll be attending this year to give some talks on cool geek filled stuff like iRules and v10 goodness that we’ve talked about here in recent weeks on DevCentral.   I’ll have a few different short presentation time slots throughout the week. You’ll also be able to find me at the white-board at the F5 booth on the floor for some more down and dirty tech discussions. We’ll break out the multi-colored markers, get to diagramming, mocking up code, and all that great geekorific stuff that I love to do.

If you’ll be around at the show, be sure to come check out the booth and one (or some) of my presentations. I’ll be counting down the days until then here, and will get you a schedule of where I’ll be, when, etc. so you can come hang out.  I’ll also be posting what is possibly the most valuable information of all – where to get some free drinks. Stay tuned for that gem later in the week.

For now, though, it’s back to narrowing down what topics to talk about and squaring up the last of my travel details.  I’ve got a post up in the forums where you can weigh in, so go check it out and let me know what you think.  Also, if you’ve got any ideas on things you’d like to see from the show, topics you’d like to hear talked about in “feet on the street” style interviews, or anything else that you think would be cool while I’m down there, let me know.

You’ll be able to check out some real-time info about what’s going on via twitter, so add the #F5Interop hashtag to your tweetdeck or twitteriffic or  …  whatever, and keep up with the latest. More tomorrow.