I've got a few that I listen to but The FredCast is my favorite.

While I was on vacation getting in a last bit of training for this weekend's Seattle to Portland ride I tried updating my Garmin Edge 305.  I was one of the unlucky people who had the upgrade process wipe out the gps software and the unit was unusable.  Tech support was responsive (after an initial 1 hour hold time) and got me some files that bypassed the web updater.  Unfortunately nothing worked and the errors I received were not consistent.  One of the things they have noticed is sensitivity to different system types. The unit sat on the counter for my vacation as I only had my laptop with me.  When I got home I tried the update files tech support sent me and they revived the unit.  Garmin is also sending me a replacement heart rate strap to see f that resolves the inconsistent signal problem I've had since purchasing the unit.