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articlehardwareus December 13, 2011 by Dan Matte
F5 is supporting FIRST Robotics again this year financially and by mentoring teams.  For those of you who are not familiar with FIRST, it is the organization that’s designed to improve kids’ involvement in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM).  The US is lagging behind other countries in terms of how many STEM graduates we produce and the FIRST program has proven to get more kids interested in STEM. For companies like F5, STEM graduates are our lifeblood and we need more of them - we...
articlehardwareus January 17, 2011 by Dan Matte
We recently added ARX to the family of  F5 products that you can try for free.  If your organization is anything like ours, storage requirements are exploding.  Check out the virtual edition of ARX to see how you can make it easier and less expensive to keep up with all the files people and systems generate every day.
articlehardwareus December 13, 2010 by Dan Matte
Last week I had the opportunity to work with Swedish Medical Center to film a public service announcement that encourages people to donate gifts for children who are undergoing treatment at their pediatric center.  The process of filming was a lot of fun and the the kids who participated were fantastic!  Hopefully some of the local media outlets will use the message to get the word out for this worthy cause. Today we issued a press release that covers both toy donations and the “Holidays at the...
articlehardwareus December 10, 2010 by Dan Matte
I turned my Blackberry on after landing yesterday to discover that FFIV was added to the S&P 500.  That’s a tremendous accolade for F5 and something that we’re very proud of. More importantly, I think it speaks volumes about our customers who have invested their money and time in our products and the innovation they’ve been able to drive by using them. CNNMoney.com wrote a piece about our addition today. One of the things I discussed with the editor was how my grandmother gave me a few shares ...
articlevirtualizationhardwareus March 26, 2009 by Dan Matte
Dell recently published an interesting piece on how F5's BIG-IP and ARX address some of the key challenges people encounter when they embrace server virtualization.  The challenges they discuss are: Resource Starvation Lack of Application Awareness Unanticipated Costs Unused Virtualization Features Increased Storage Requirements Congested Storage Network Management Complexity The article From Dell's Power Solutions can be found here.    
articleus March 24, 2009 by Dan Matte
Tata Motors in India is getting ready to begin taking orders for their $2,500 car - The Nano.  The car comes in 3 variations: the Standard, CX and LX. The Standard is pretty basic given that you can upgrade to the CX and get things like heating and booster assisted brakes.  Moving up to the LX offers options like fabric seats, fog lamps and a mobile phone charger outlet. If the Nano is successful, it will significantly change the profile of who can afford to purchase a car.  The first productio...
articleus March 12, 2009 by Dan Matte
This is Tom who is an F5er and rabid Seahawks fan.
articleus March 02, 2009 by Dan Matte
I read the CRN article that @lmacvittie cited in a tweet she sent this morning.  The article contains the following quote from a Nortel partner: “Alteon is still the standard by which F5 Networks sets its sites but it [the Alteon product line] needs a new lease of life,”  We obviously need to engage with Darren Boyce, the person who made that statement as it couldn’t be farther from the truth.  If we were to use Alteon as the target for where we pointed our development efforts, it would be lik...
articleus February 20, 2009 by Dan Matte
Both Radware and Nortel issued press releases yesterday that kick off a process that has been rumored for some time.  Originally news outlets were reporting that Radware was going to purchase Nortel's Metro Ethernet switching business.  When I heard that, it just didn't sound right and prompted me to write this blog entry.  As it turns out, it was the Alteon business that Radware was targeting - the Metro Ethernet rumor just didn't make sense. Since Nortel is in bankruptcy, the Radware announ...
articleus January 29, 2009 by Dan Matte
We came in at #12 on the list.  It's the first time that F5 has made an appearance on this list so that's pretty neat. While I was surfing around the Forbes site, I also came across a funny thing that they track - a list of the wealthiest fictional characters called the Forbes Fictional 15. [Update] And here's the article on F5 that goes along with the list.
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