The Data Leakage market is one of those spaces like NAC (Network Access Control) where a slew of vendors burst on the scene seemingly at the same time.

According to an article written by The 451 Group they estimate there are 42 vendors in the space, about $100 million of VC funding in the past year and a half, and the largest players achieving about $20 million in revenue.  The article then goes on to speculate about who might drive consolidation in the space.  They also discuss how HR issues and training of individuals are vital to keep company information confidential.

It will be interesting to see how quickly this market segment consolidates and which approach will be most popular - appliances, client agents or hybrid approaches.  I'm sure there will also be healthy debate over where enforcement should take place.  Should it be on the client, the network, on the storage devices or perhaps integrated with email systems?

Why the Olestra reference?  Two reasons.  First, every time I hear the term "data leakage", it makes me think of one of the alleged side effects of Olestra that ultimately led to its lack of popularity with consumers.  As an aside, I was surprised to discover that products containing Olestra are still for sale.  Second, similar to Procter & Gamble's statement about Olean (their brand of Olestra) "Olean is a replacement for fat, not for common sense", data leakage products will not be a single fix for businesses.