I met up with a few friends for a "boys' night out" last night at a place in Seattle called The Garage.  We wound up bowling in the downstairs area.  Next to us was a group of co-workers out for a little fun doing much the same things that we were doing - teasing each other over lack of bowling skills and cheering good shots.

The scene changed from people laughing and having a good time to being crouched over Dave, one of their co-workers, who collapsed on the floor.

He was having trouble breathing and his skin tone was wax-like.  One person called 911 while others ensured that his airway was clear, monitored his breathing and his pulse.  The change was incredibly sudden and clearly Dave was in serious trouble.  Dave's co-workers mentioned that he had a pretty severe allergy to peanuts and were concerned that somehow that was the cause.

The Emergency Medical Technicians and Fire Department arrived on-scene incredibly fast.  They went to work on Dave but were unfortunately not able to help him.  They believed that Dave had a "massive heart attack" which is more correctly described as sudden cardiac death and Dave passed away.  The only comforting thing about last night is that immediately before collapsing Dave was having fun.

We agreed that for the next boys' night out we're going to go for a CPR course.