I've been playing around with my new Video iPod pulling down videos and podcasts and started wondering to myself how we could help our customers with this technology. In my last post, I joked about throwing DevCentral related materials on the iPod so that customers could justify expensing one. We'll, it actually wasn't that hard.

I started with encoding the content to be viewable on the iPod. We encode Windows Media format (WMA) but it seems that the folks over at Apple haven't seen it in their best interest to include support for WMA on their devices (go figure). I then hit the blogosphere to find out what product could do a good job at converting the WMA format to something the iPod could digest. I narrowed down on Videora. Their main product is a video downloading product but they've also got several standalone converter programs for the XBox360, the TiVo, the PSP, and the iPod. Plus the price is right: freeware!.

The conversion process was fairly painless. I had to toy with several of the video and audio settings before getting one that would work. Now I just needed to get the videos published. Apple has made it very easy for aspiring podcasters to include their content into their podcast directory. All you need to do is submit a "itunes-ified" RSS feed to their directory. They provide a fairly detailed technical specification for doing so.

I send the submission to their podcast directory Friday and received the notice Sunday that it has been approved and is now in their directory. To view our directory entry with subscribe options, click the following link. (you must have iTunes for this to work).

For those interested in subscribing to the vidcast outside of iTunes, here's the direct link:


Now you can subscribe to the vidcast and have the latest DCTV content delivered directly to your iPod when it's available!