DevCentral as a community relies upon the talents and contributions of its users to help peers and those who are new to F5 products and technologies.  Without users who are willing to take a moment from their busy day and help resolve the problems of complete strangers, DevCentral would be far less community, resembling more of a corporate news site.  Due in large part to the contributions of a select few, the community continues to flourish.  They are in the trenches facing challenges daily, and it is their expertise the community craves.  Without their help, some of our members might still be struggling to get the most out of their F5 gear, or more likely, the core DevCentral members would be working much longer hours as we attempt to assist our ever-growing user base.  We recognize the time and effort put into the DevCentral community.  To that end, we have created the DevCentral MVP program to honor those who, without incentive, contribute to the greater good of our community.

The 2010 DevCentral MVP Class (by username)

  • hoolio -  I have to quote Drago from Rocky 4 here: "He is not human, he is a piece of iron."  Mr. forums has more posts than Joe, Colin, and me--combined.
  • bhattman - 2009 iRules contest winner and ever-present in the forums and wiki.
  • hamish - Contributor in the iControl and monitoring/management forums.  Contributed several slick templates for the F5 host template.
  • hwidjaja - Perl nut, which excites Colin.  Active in several forums.
  • smp - He's gotta change his username.  I type snmp every time.  Really--every time.  Also an active contributor in several of the forums.
  • naladar - Not only a member of our community, but carries the F5 love out to the world with his own TheF5Guy blog.  Interview guest on podcast 107.
  • mikejo - Unashamed Firepass specialist.  Active contributor in said forum.

If you want to hear more about the MVPs, podcast 117 was a dedicated highlight show.  Also, make sure to check out the MVP profile pages.


MVPs – we salute and thank you, and we know the community at large thanks you as well!