Your first question after seeing the title of this post is probably something like: What the heck does iRules have to do with Bill Gates?

I'll get to that...

First, take a look at the map overlay of the users of DevCentral that I took a while back.  I picked a day at random and pulled this from our Google Analytics account.  For those who are running a website and are not doing analytic reporting on your site, I'd highly recommend you hop on over to Google Analytics and setup an account.  It's free and fairly simple to setup and they've got a blog if you want to keep up to date with their latest features.

When browsing the Seattle area usage patters, I narrowed in on Medina, a suburb near Bellevue where the ultra-rich live.  Houses there start in the multi-millions and go way up.  I knew that DevCentral had some high-profile users, but I didn't envision a user base in Medina.  Here's where Bill Gates comes in.  A few years back , he built his uber-mansion there.  With Bill Gates transitioning out of Microsoft, it's not too much of a stretch to think that he may be hanging out in DC land checking out what's new with F5 technologies.  Weirder things have happened...

So, we've got DevCentral tied to Bill Gates.  How does iRules fit it?  Well, it just so happens that I posted a tech tip this week on automating the process of adding analytics to your website with iRules.  The way most services work is that they supply you with a bit of JavaScript you add to your web pages.  When a browser connects to that page, the browser will process that JavaScript and made a tiny request to the analytics service with the information about the current page being browsed as well as other client data.  For small websites, this is fairly easy to integrate.  But, for larger websites and servers that host multiple code bases, it may be a not-so-trivial task of adding the script to every application page. 

Enter iRules...  For customers lucky enough to have a BIG-IP sitting in front of their application servers, a very simple iRule can be put in place to look for outbound HTML pages, and "injecting" the JavaScript directly into the HTML responses completely eliminating the need to involve the application teams.

So, there you go.  Bill Gates is likely a user of DevCentral and we know it because of Google Analytics that is added to our website with iRules!