With the introduction of iRules for BIG-IP v9 last fall, we unleashed some pretty powerful technology for influencing IP application flows. We continue to hear about amazing solutions from customers and partners worldwide that simply amaze us. It has become clear that creativity is the only limitation when working with BIG-IP v9 and iRules.


With so much activity and brilliance happening in the DevCentral community, the DevCentral team felt it was time to recognize the great work being done with iRules. So, today we kicked off the “iRule. Do You?” iRules contest on DevCentral.


Here’s how the contest works:

  • You submit your best iRule(s) for BIG-IP v9 via the contest section on DevCentral before 9pm (Pacific Time), August 31, 2005 (free DevCentral membership required)
  • You get a free, limited addition F5 DevCentral t-shirt just for playing
  • The DevCentral team, along with some of the most respected press and analysts in the industry, judge your work based upon its technical elegance and business applicability
  • If you win one of the many lucrative prizes, you’ll be notified on or by September 14, 2005
  • We will announce the winners, amidst great fanfare, on August 20th.

So, get started. With iRules, you DO have the opportunity to “rule” how traffic flies across the network in previously unforeseen ways. Whatever the application, you can take control to not only optimize how your network resources are utilized but also reduce, in many situations, the amount of code required to deploy mission critical applications and the amount of hands-on management needed to keep them running their best. This unique capability, placed in your hands, makes the impossible… possible. And, it’s time for you to get your due credit.


What are you waiting for?