After a week of presentations throughout the Middle East and Europe by Joe & Jeff, I took my turn on the tour, beginning with a clip_image001couple days in Johannesburg, South Africa, and finishing up the week with a few stops in Europe as well.  Today’s session in Antwerp, Belgium, also featured the iRules Contest grand prize winner in the partner division, Sake Blok, with a fine presentation on writing clean iRules and a walk through of his winning iRule.  Oh, and he delivered his presentation from his brand new 17” MacBook Pro—won in the content—just to rub in the fact that I do in fact not have one.  Just kidding, Sake.  It’s a really nice toy, by the way.

Anyway, I believe the presentations were well received (If I’m wrong about that, don’t tell Jeff!)  The agenda was fairly broad spread, covering in part:

  • iRules & iControl basics
  • Advanced iRules tips & tricks
  • Case studies on iRules from some of this year’s iRules Contest winners
  • Case study on a similarly functional iControl script written both in Powershell & Python for comparison
  • New v10.1 features, including geolocation, tmsh scripting, the table command, etc.

Among Joe, Jeff, myself, and the hundreds of partners and end-users we met with these past two weeks, we have great feedback on product specific things as well as some constructive commentary on how DevCentral can be improved.  To that end, we’re working feverishly in the shadows on deliver some improvements and new functionality to the DevCentral community.  Stay tuned…