It's been busy! The DevCentral team and all of the awesome people in our extended family have been working away, putting out all kinds of great content for your perusal. Now that we're out of the hardcore v10 push and back into a more "normal" flow of content there has been a myriad of tasty morsels flowing through the DC channels. From a posh search experience to security secrets and new wrappers, we've had plenty to talk about. Let's get to this week's Top5:


The Secret of the Security Safety Dance

This week Lori made me literally laugh out loud with the analogy she chose for this post. Not only did she make a valid point about security but she did so while tapping into my beloved WoW culture enough to make me chuckle and shake my head…appreciatively of course. In her post Lori talks about how attackers work together to find and exploit vulnerabilities, spreading that information like wildfire. This presents some serious benefits to be had, bordering on requirements, for an infrastructure agile enough to cope with and defend against these attacks. I toyed with the idea of featuring her "Facepalm: Google Wave Choice of XMPP Not the Death of HTTP" post, as it's possibly more technically relevant and compelling, but the humor in this one won me over. Do yourself a favor and check them both out.


Ruby iControl Wrapper

Jason's been hard at work this week, pumping out a couple of great tech tips and blog posts. The first I want to feature is a cool example of more Ruby goodness with iControl in mind. Jason tried on his Ruby Developer's hat long enough to post up some info about a community contributed wrapper as well as an example of making use of Ruby to grab some pool info. The post itself is good but the underlying info on the wrapper is the real meat of the matter. Dig in and take a peek. I'm always intrigued by new ways to use iControl from interesting languages. Hint: There was some great python + iControl content this week too.


Introducing PoshBing - The PowerShell library for Microsoft's Bing Search Engine

Joe, in his usual "It's all blue sky…" fashion, has dabbled in the API for Microsoft's new Bing search engine this week. He's given you a kind of library to allow you to easily make use of the multiple searching facilities provided by the Bing engine, straight from an easy to use PowerShell script. While not directly F5 related, this was timely and interesting enough to make me re-read it and poke around a bit. It's worth a look, and might be useful to some people looking to integrate search into a windows deployed app somewhere. At the very least, the bing engine is very interesting and currently relevant, so learning more about it can't be a bad thing.


v.10 - Remote Authorization via TACACS+

For Jason's next trick, he'll require an LTM, some remote users, and a couple of videos. Jason chose to dive into remote auth on the BIG-IP. Specifically, he's dealing with the tacacs+ config. He'll show you how to set it up, what user roles you have available to you, and he even has some very helpful videos to walk you through the process. If you've been waiting for an LDAP remote-auth alternative for your BIG-IP, this could be the ticket. Even if not, it's always interesting to me to check these things out. When it comes to hands-on, in the field BIG-IP experience, Jason has it in spades. Take a look, you'll probably learn something.


20 Lines or Less #24

Last but never least, in my mind, is this week's 20LoL. This week I was working off of an encryption/hashing sort of theme. All of the examples fit into that vein, and are sweet examples of what iRules can do for you in a few lines of code. Whether you're trying to work out an SSL config that is more flexible, or you've been dying to get FNV hashing implemented, but just weren't sure where or how, or if you're just a geek like me and love this stuff, this one is worth a read. The 20 Lines or Less, to me, is an awesome showcase of just how powerful iRules can be in a real-world situation where huge, overwhelmingly complex scripts aren't an option. These examples continue to show that iRules can get the job done in a hurry. Thanks to the awesome community that keeps pumping out great things for me to feature here. Keep them coming.


There's your Top5 for the week. Hopefully you enjoyed it, as I always do writing it. Send in your comments, feedback and suggestions. And as always, check out previous versions on my team page on DC.