The past few weeks have brought with them plenty of travel, a pair of cool conferences, a great chance to spread the DC/F5 word about application goodness and integration, and much killer content flittering its way across DC's ever present feeds and pages. Now that I'm back in stride and the wake from the recent happenings has cleared I'm here yet again, as you know I would be, to point you towards some of the many cool things happening on DevCentral this week. Here's this week's DC Top5:


Investigating the LTM TCP Profile: Nagle's Algorithm

Jason Rahm, the newest addition to the DevCentral team (Welcome Jason!), brings us a very cool look at one of the pieces of the TCP profile on LTM. As he starts his series investigating the many different options found in this most important of profiles, Jason first discusses the Nagle's Algorithm. If you've ever wondered about the details of this particular feature, I.E. how it works, what it was intended for, when it may NOT be beneficial, etc., then this is the article for you. Jason dives deep and gives a great look at how to make use of this part of the profile including a look at the logic flow of the algorithm itself. Maybe it's just the dev geek in me, but how can you not love that? Whether you were excited from the time I said the word "algorithm" or you're more concerned with the higher level points of when this can be good vs. bad, I highly recommend stopping here to take a peek.


Multicore: The RogueWave Option

Learn about the woes of today's application developer when trying to solve the multicore problem. Follow Don MacVittie as he digs into one of the many solutions out there to address this issue, RogueWave's Hydra. While there are many options to deal with multicore programming, Don points out that Hydra uses an interesting method by parallelizing entire services, rather than working at a more granular level. There are pros and cons, which he details, but the overall feeling seems to be good. See for yourself in what looks like it could be only one of many in Don's Multicore series.


Creating An iControl PowerShell Monitoring Dashboard With Google Charts

Joe Pruitt, our in house iControl and PowerShell wizard, is at it again in this excellent Tech Tip about dashboards. Joe walks us through how to harness the power of iControl via PowerShell and coerce it into making use of the almost too handy Google Charts utility to produce an end result that not only provides great utility, but a great look and feel as well. Polling stats from your LTM via iControl is something Joe's talked about many a time, but this example really goes the extra mile to show you how to wrap all of that information up into a sleek format that's easy on the eyes. This one's definitely worth a read. Doubly so if you've got some geek in you.


Virtualization: How to Isolate Application Traffic

Virtualization as a topic of discussion is an elephant running rampant across the face of the IT media world. You can't help but notice it, and everyone seems to be getting awfully excited and/or concerned about it, depending on their outlook. According to this recent post by Lori MacVittie one of the newer discussions surrounding virtualization is the idea of "VirtSec", or virtualization security. This discussion has worked itself all the way down to the infrastructure level, where some are suddenly looking for ways to virtualize traffic and keep data flows separate. Lucky for us we've had VLANS as part of our product for…well…ever. I guess that means we're visionary. This is a great read about what's happening in the virtualization realm and Lori's delivery is, as usual, top notch.


Cache in with LTM and iRules

After many extensive discussions last week at SDBP about how we help application developers and architects deliver their apps, I was inspired to jot down some thoughts and a brief example or two in Tech Tip form. Inside you can learn about how caching might help your application proliferate, why it's becoming more and more important in the realm of today's application and how you can turn to your LTM for some help in getting where you need to go. The already robust caching features on LTM can then be further augmented by the use of iRules as needed to really kick it up a notch, especially in those one off cases where extra flexibility is the order of the day.


DevCentral Weekly Roundup Episode #61 - Taconoisseur

Okay, I know this is #6, but I had to include it. Just look at that title. Hawesome. Just….hawesome. This is also the first Roundup with the entire team on board since Jason started. Good times abound.


That's it for this week's DC Top5. Tune in again next week to hear more about things like hydras, elephants and Taconoissuers (yeah, I went there)…and you know, maybe some IT stuff too.