After a Friday off for the holiday here in the states, we're back at it again, and DevCentral is as busy as ever.  There's been some great content and some really fantastic banter alike on the site this week. Today we'll dive into cookie security, go back in time with iControl, and more, but not to worry, I'll step you through it all so you don't get lost in the white water of information rushing through DevCentral. Please keep all hands inside the raft, here's this week's Top5:


Persistent and Persistence, What's the Difference?

Two words that can often times be incorrectly used interchangeably are discussed and defined by the esteemed Lori Macvittie. In this useful and in-depth blog post Lori delves into the intricacies of each term, why they should be clearly separate in your mind, and some uses and advantages of each.  If ever you had some doubt as to what each term meant, now's the time to clear it up, and this is the place to do it.


DC Post of the Week - Application Health Monitors : Response Strings

If you're one of the many people out there looking at just the status code of your HTTP responses to determine the health of your application, you may want to take a look at this week's Post of the Week. Deb talks about why it's sometimes important to do more in-depth, application appropriate monitoring to get a look at what's really going on, and the experience users are actually getting. Blank web-pages being served efficiently doesn't do anyone any good.


Tech Tip: Cookie LoJack via iRules

This week I got to write about an awesome iRule submitted by Aidan Clark, one of our many awesome engineers in the field.  This outstanding example of iRules usage shows how you can add an additional layer of security to your cookies, even if they're already being encrypted. There is much hawesome and cool contained in the rule, so make sure you take a look at yet another way that iRules are changing the game, every day.


iControl 101 - #19 - Time Conversions

I was convinced that time travel was something relegated to fiction novels and white-haired professors with DeLoreans, but Joe has proved me wrong it seems. Joe goes through the iControl methods that allow you to return system time, along with many formatting methods and options for those methods. In this way you can truly be in control of time, and make sure you're getting the results you need. Yet another cool example of just how in-depth and robust iControl really is.


3 Reasons not to use Apache mod_rewrite

And now for the most hotly debated blog post on DC in recent memory, and possibly ever. Take a look inside as Lori gives her view on Apache mod_rewrite and why you are likely better served by offloading that functionality to an Application Delivery Controller, possibly even via an iRule.  She makes some excellent points and definitely stirs the pot. Check out the excellent post and the impassioned and interesting follow-up comments.


There's another Top5 for you. As always, keep in mind that DevCentral has a lot more than I can put in just one distribution a week, so be sure to poke around yourself. Feedback is welcomed and encouraged.