This week's Top5 takes you from Application Health Monitoring to queues formed by CS students. The team has been hard at it, as always, and there's plenty to dig through on DevCentral this week. Choosing just five things to talk about seems to be an increasingly difficult task thanks to the mounds of content out there every week, but that's a good problem to have. Here are this week's Top picks:

Scaling Ruby on Rails to 1 Billion Page Views a Month

Joe talks about Joyent's successful scaling of their Ruby on Rails deployment for Linkedin's "BumperSticker" Facebook app to a billion page views a month. That's some pretty serious traffic, and an awesome accomplishment to be able to tout. It's doubly important due to the naysayers out there that would have you believe that Ruby on Rails doesn't scale for high traffic situations. Joe talks about some of the finer details of this recently announced achievement as well as inviting them to jump on a DC podcast with us, which I'm pleased to say they agreed to. Definitely keep an eye out for that chat!


Storage - Where do we go from here?

It's no surprise to anyone that's been around computers even a short while that data storage is growing at an amazing rate, as is the demand for storage space due to increased use of media and more and more users of resources already in place. Don shows off some of his in-depth experience in the storage arena by delving into a discussion of different issues facing the storage community these days. He talks about stale data, data tiering, high-speed filers and more. Discussing about different methods of using and dealing with each, this post is definitely worth a read.


20 Lines or Less #11

Back on track with three examples each weighing in under 21 lines, this week's 20LoL continues to demonstrate the power you can pack into easily written and managed, short iRules. Feel free to drop in a request for an iRule you need written to solve a certain problem or requirement and who knows, your solution might just be featured in the next 20 Lines or Less. Take a peek and tune in every week as we continue on our exploration of the possibilities that iRules offers to deliver compact yet powerful solutions.


DC Post of the Week - Application Health Monitors: Alternate Ports

Deb dives into the Post of the Week yet again to highlight a question asked in the forums, giving an in-depth answer and example to go with it. This week she's addressing Health Monitors and trying to monitor a member of a pool on a port not configured for the pool. Tune in for a walk-through and discussion of how this can be done, benefits, caveats and more.


A queue is a (a) line (b) a pony tail (c) a data structure

In our only multiple choice blog post of the week Lori agrees with a fellow blogger's assertion that "The most agile developers, however, are those who approach programming with a firm grounding in computer science." I suppose that means I'm off that list, but I won't hold that against her. This insightful and interesting post discusses the way that programming has evolved and works in today's world, and why those computer science degrees that actually focus on, well, computer science, might be more valuable than some people think. Take a look inside to see why.


Safely through another five awesome topics from DevCentral, here we are, at the end of this week's Top5. I'll be back next week with more DC goodness. Until then, feel free to drop me any feedback you might have.