It's been a long month this week. Things have been blurring as they go whizzing by and I'm just trying to keep up. If I'm feeling like there's a lot going on, then that must mean that there's even more than normal going on with DevCentral. Hopefully that's an indication that there's more reason than ever to keep putting out the Top5. I'll doll out my picks from the week that I think are "must see" items amongst the torrential cascade of content that is DevCentral as I always do, and hope that you all agree. That said, here's this week's Top5:

4 things you can do in your code now to make it more scalable later

The ever insightful Lori MacVittie takes us through four different things that application architects and developers can do to future-proof the performance and scalability of their applications. These aren't just basic programming tricks, either. These are programming concepts that are custom tailored to make your application run at top performance in a high-availability environment with an intelligent Application Delivery Controller. Take a look as Lori lays these tips out in detail covering not just how, but why each of these will keep your app scaling for many moons. This one's definitely worth a read for anyone looking to get that last bit of performance out of their deployment, or anyone that's about to delve into the world of application design/management in an ADC enabled environment. It's a brave new world, baby.

iControl Apps - #10 - Bigpipe List

Joe just keeps kicking out the jams. It's hit after hit after hit for this architecting mad scientist. In this week's iControl Apps project, Joe goes into detail discussing the BIG-IP configuration. More specifically he walks through how to get a human readable version of the LTM config via the magic of the iControl API. Using nothing but some PowerShell code, iControl, and the sheer power of his mind, Joe weaves together a nifty little app that will get you just that. It's effectively the equivalent of the "bigpipe list" command, or so he claims. Take a look and judge for yourself.

Virtualized Storage - Cleaning up invisibly

Read more about Don's impressions from his recent trip with cohort Joe back to Lowell to learn about our Data Solutions offerings. Don seems to think that ARX is filled with win, which is a good thing to you non-geeks out there. Whether it's more because it lets admins live in a stubless world, or because it allows for zero downtime filer maintenance we may never know. What I do know is that both of those are part of the reason, along with more straight-forward things like storage tiering that have got the propeller on Don's beanie spinning. It's great to watch a fellow geek get geeked out over some awesome technology. Get Don's impressions and examples here.

User Roles and Partitions, a tool for administration agility - A View from SAP TechED 2008

A relatively new member of the DC blogging family, Nojan Moshiri, delivers a power-packed post about User Partitioning and Roles. This post was sparked by some experiences he had with people asking questions about these topics at this year's TechEd. He discusses at length management and administration of permissions and access as well as discussing F5's take on some of these things. He then goes on to walk through some example steps to setting up partitions and accounts with proper access for multiple user roles. All in all a strong offering and an interesting read.

DevCentral Weekly Roundup Episode #55 - Ear Rest

I know, I know…I put the Weekly roundup in the Top5 almost every week. Well that's only because it's usually chalk full of really cool stuff! Not to mention the interesting and usually entertaining conversations that go on while we're talking about the varied topics. This week's is especially interesting because it covers two things that are pretty big news in the DC world. One is the Groundswell competition that we're in and, as far as I can tell, currently the Supporting entry to beat. This just tells me that the world is not completely insane, and some things are as they should be. The other is the Data Center migration that DC went through this week. Thanks to a large helping of assistance from our IT crew here in Seattle, we've migrated our site to some shiny new servers in a bigger, better, faster F5 DataCenter. This is part of our plan for WORLD DOMINATION! Err…I mean…for showcasing F5 technology and delivering DC to our users in a continuingly improving fashion. Cool things ahead all, stay tuned!

There's your Top5 for this week. Next week promises to be just as jam-packed, so make sure you're looking for Friday's transmission to recap the good, the better and the great to keep you pointed in the right direction. As always, feedback is more than welcomed.