In this special Monday edition of the DC Top5 I'll recap last week's must see DevCentral hits. Along with the standard fare of cool tech info and insight, we've got another new series to introduce from a new member of the DC blogging family. I also get to share some news that got me pretty excited to hear on a somewhat personal level, though it definitely relates to our industry even if in a somewhat tangential manner. All that and more in this (last?) week's DC Top5:


Protocol of the Week

Kris Plunkett is a Software Engineering intern here at F5. He did a good introduction here, in his blog. He came to the DevCentral team asking if he could possibly become part of the blogging family to chronicle his experiences here as well as use it as a platform to speak about the things he's learning. We of course jumped at the chance as he's bright, eager, and has a very unique perspective on things happening here at F5. It's also a fantastic opportunity to get a view into the process of learning and growing the knowledge needed to keep up with our Rockstar Dev team.  Take a read as Kris launches what promises to be a hit series in his blog titled "Protocol of the Week".


Jack Thompson finally disbarred for failing at gaming the gamers

I try not to use the Top5 as a place to spout off about things that interest me personally but aren't relevant to the readers, but this one is close enough that I'm going to call it "tangentially related" to the industry and go with it. Jack Thompson, who I'm sure at least a large chunk of you know of, has been nothing but a nightmare in the form of a bafoon in an incompetent, egotistical lawyer's clothes for as long as I can remember. He's been attacking one group after another, most recently sinking his teeth into the gaming community and industry. You might remember him from his ranting about GTA that got him more press than he deserves. The list of things he's done that are silly, despicable or just plain wrong runs long, but there's a link to the Wikipedia article detailing many of them in the blog post. All of that makes his disbarment the best news I had all last week.


Multi-Core III - a panacea of options

Don continues on his path to finding the ultimate answer to the multi-core question.  With so many different offerings, each with ways of doing things whose differences range from slight to trans-Atlantic proportions, it's quite a journey to embark on. If anyone's capable, though, it's Don, so I'm glad to see he's still looking at offerings, weighing the differences and providing us with some awesome info about each of them.  Which one is the best will certainly depend on your needs, but this series is a fantastic, condensed source of information whether you're just learning about the multi-core world or looking for your new solution.


iControl Apps - #11 - Global GTM Statistics

Trading my overzealous verbosity for powerful code nuggets, Joe's iControl Apps series continues to grow and expand as he adds yet another tasty tip to the mix.  Global GTM Statistics will show you how to get inside the head of your GTM to pull out the valuable stats that so many managers and analysts crave. As always Joe includes some handy code (this time in PowerShell, his latest love it would seem) that will get you there from here, or at least most of the way. He even notes some of the handy Utility Functions that are included for conversions.


HttpFox: The FireFox add-on you can't live without

The seemingly always active, never sleeping Lori is bringing us a never-ending stream of tips and info about the IT and ADN world. This week I have to point out the handy new tool she introduced to the community, and to me. HttpFox is a great little add-on for FireFox that I saw her chatting about on twitter before it hit the blogs on DC. I grabbed it and in my test-drive found myself quite happy to have given it a shot, and thankful for Lori's tip on giving this one a whirl. If you're looking for a way to grab HTTP info and you're a FF fan, then I highly recommend checking it out. Thanks Lori!


That wraps up five more from the top of my list for last week. Sorry for the delay on getting this out but a sudden family event got sprung on me before I could wrap this one up. Don't worry, I'll be back on Friday with more for you. Never fear, the Top5 will be here. As always, feedback and suggestions are quite welcome.