This may not be much news to some, but here's a view from behind the scenes...

Every now and then we run into an industry analyst firm that reveals its true motivation by not giving their customers a full picture of the market. How does this manifest itself? Usually by the analyst firm publishing a report on a certain segment of the market that they cover that is inaccurate. The purpose of the report is to assist enterprise customers, who pay the analyst firm a subscription fee, in their purchase decision by having access to expert opinions on the topic at hand.

Unfortunately, I can point to lots of examples where the opinion expressed in the report does not accurately reflect what is going on in the market. The problem? In some cases, the analyst firm will include information only from vendors who have paid the analyst firm. The result? Reports that exclude solutions from vendors that are sometimes top market share holders in the segment in question and other vendors being over represented because they have paid the analyst firm. Fortunately, these blatent cases are the exception to the rule - but they're out there.

Does this behavior really help customers make an informed decision?