Quite some time ago I was asked about a 2-second delay when performing recursive lookups against the BIG-IP. My first thought was that there was an issue with transport. I then decided to deploy it in my own lab. To my surprise, I was experiencing the exact same issue though I know there were no transport problems in my own environment.

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So to give a little more color to the use case at hand, my Windows domain controller is performing recursive lookups against my BIG-IP. My BIG-IP is configured as a recursive DNS server using a transparent cache. This simply means that I am forwarding the request to another upstream DNS server and caching its response. Pretty simple right? Well, there is a little more to it as we will get into.

My next step was to look at the DNS query to see what it looked like at the BIG-IP. After a quick search on DevCentral for an iRule to log it, I applied it to my DNS listener and tailed the log.

 when DNS_REQUEST {       log local0. "my question name: [DNS::question name]" } 

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Interesting enough I found that the DNS query from the DC was actually appending the DNS suffix using its actual domain name. Then I also ran a tcpdump from the BIG-IP to see the actual request which indeed confirmed the results of my logs.

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I then logged into my DC to identify the network connection settings. Everything looked OK but I am of course no expert at Windows network settings. As far as I know, this is how every DC is configured by default as I have not modified any of these settings.

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Now I am stuck and pretty sure the only way to modify the query is to go to the magical language of Tcl. I admit I am no expert so I did some DevCentral searches and reached out to my team who provided some great feedback. In the end, I applied the following iRule and DNS resolution is occurring without the appended DNS suffix.  Hope this helps!

when DNS_REQUEST {  
    if { [DNS::question name] ends_with "demo.lab" } {  
    set queryName [string trimright {“.demo.lab”} [DNS::question name] ]  
    log local0. "My new question name: $queryName"