Yesterday I spoke at the Splunk World-wide sales conference in San Francisco.  First, thanks to Splunk for inviting F5 and we certainly appreciate the opportunity to share experiences.  If you’re not aware, Splunk is billed as ‘The IT search Company.’  Not web searches, a la Google, but being able to index, search and navigate data from any application, server or network device in real time from a web browser.  If a machine generates data (logs, messages, traps, alerts, etc), then Splunk will contextually index it.  Splunk makes it ever so easy to view and understand your IT infrastructure and F5 has partnered with them to deliver advanced reporting for both F5’s FirePass and Application Security Manager.  Both these products already ship with detailed reporting capabilities but some customers might need more in terms of reporting, alerting, searching and event correlation.  We’ve joined forces to provide a simple add-on for the core Splunk application and these can be found on Splunkbase – ‘the place to download and share Splunk applications.’  F5 and Splunk will continue to grow our Technology partnership and you should see more from us in the near future. 

Splunk is expanding quickly & yesterday I saw why.  They have an energized sales force, top notch partner program, passionate executives and most of all, a fantastic tool to help you get more out of your IT data.  Sounds a lot like F5, huh!