I'm attending an SAP conference today and tomorrow in San Francisco. They announced the launch of what they are calling their Enterprise Services Community. You'll notice that F5 is a charter member! From a November blog entry by Shai Agassi, SAP seems to be heading in a new direction and opening up lots of APIs to their products. We are obviously in favor of what SAP is calling "Co-Innovation" based on our efforts with iControl, iRules and DevCentral. The web site that SAP launched to support this effort greets you with a request for a digital certificate before any other page is presented. I think they should save this authentication until you request access to the good stuff. Anyhow, one of the presenters today was a guy named Don Tapscott who is a professor and author. His presentation was pretty similar to the content of this article and was really engrossing. I intend to check out some of the books he's written. The next book he has coming out is titled "The Naked Corporation". Despite the similar title to Robert Scoble's "Naked Conversations", Mr. Tapscott is not a prolific blogger. The picture Tapscott painted during his presentation makes me feel really good about the direction we're heading with F5.