Wow - thanks to everyone for your excellent feedback so far. For those that haven't responded to the DevCentral survey, you only have a few days. I continue to be amazed by the interesting and thoughtful group of people that participate in the DevCentral community. Having done a number of surveys in the past, I am particularly appreciative of the insight and feedback folks have provided. Thank you everyone for taking some of your valuable time to help shape this community! You have our word that we'll take your input and use it to make DevCentral even more useful for you.

Here are some interesting tidbits about your DevCentral community...

  • The Tech Tips and Wikis are a hit. Count on more to come.
  • The vast majority of you have either researched or implemented an iRule in your environment. Talk about cool. (BTW - if you've got a cool iRule, share in the CodeShare section or submit it via the slick "Share" feature in the iRule Editor)
  • Well over half of you have written an iRule from scratch and deployed it in a production environment. This is just awesome. Even more have taken snippets from Codeshare and forums and expanded them to meet your needs.
  • The breadth of the technologies you touch - from selection to deployment - is seriously impressive. I don't know how you keep it all straight. I guess that explains why the ongoing forum activity is so interesting... ;-)

Keep up the great work, thanks again, and if you haven't taken the survey and you are a DevCentral member, you had better get on it!