Let's take a minute and step away from the technical stuff and look at something a little more entertaining.

In 11.6 a GUI enhancement was added to display an Advisory Bar at the top and bottom panes of the GUI.

Now I am not talking about the Security Banner that everyone is familiar with.


But something that is useful everyday of the week when managing multiple environments.


As you can see here, there is an orange bar displayed at the top and bottom of the screen.

Configure Advisory Banner using the GUI

To access this feature in 11.6 navigate to System > Preferences  and scroll to the bottom of the screen and you will see an Advisory Section.


Configure Advisory Banner using TMSH

Use the following TMSH syntax to access enable this feature on 11.1 and later

tmsh  modify sys db ui.advisory.color { value “<red|orange|yellow|green>” }

tmsh modify sys db ui.advisory.text { value  "TEXT GOES HERE" }

## This command was added in 11.6

tmsh modify sys db ui.advisory.enabled { value "true" }