I spent the weekend at a ski resort in the province of Quebec called Mt. Tremblant as one of my cousins got married there on Saturday.  I managed to get out on the slopes on Sunday.  It was nice.

Whenever I come back to Quebec I tend to seek out all the food that I miss from growing up here.  The weekend was comprised of:

  • Raclette - a type of cheese originally from Switzerland that is melted over various meats and other things
  • Crepes - paper thin pancakes with a huge variety of delicious things that can be tucked inside.  Have to love that this company finds it necessary to distinguish between "American" and "English" in their language selections!
  • Montreal Style Bagels - I haven't found anything quite as good in any other place I've been to.  One of the the tricks is that they are boiled prior to being baked in a wood fired oven.
  • Poutine - the heart stopping, disgusting to outsiders, delicious dish that combines fries, gravy and cheese curds in a mouth watering, artery clogging gastronomic experience.
  • Onion Soup - served with a layer of bread and cheese on the top
  • Tire - maple syrup that has been boiled and then drizzled over snow in a line.  You then use a popsicle stick to roll the whole goey treat up once it thickens and reaches the consistency of taffy.  This is best experienced at a full blown "Cabane a Sucre" or Sugar Shack.

With a few more days here I'd really be able to expand this list!

Tonight I'm on my way to London for some meetings.  There is a performer by the name of "Juanes" and his band waiting for the same flight as me.  They are in the midst of a year long world tour.

From London I head to San Francisco for an investor conference on Thursday.