The Forums at DevCentral have a small amount of formatting capability that you can take advantage of to get the point of your posts across more clearly and effectively.

While we have turned off HTML tags as a protection mechanism, we have offered you a few PHPBB-style tags that cover the basics of forum post presentation. This guide will walk you through those tags and how to use them.

Note that all of these tags are available as icons on the right-hand side of the forum post editing window for most of the forums. Unlike most PHPBB-style tags, when you highlight text and click one of these buttons, the text does not get wrapped in the tag. You’ll have to cut-and-paste to get it into the right place. When the icons are utilized there is a lot of screen redrawing going on, so if you want to avoid that redrawing, read on!

There is a short list of actual tags supported in the DevCentral forums. These are the items that format your text. We’ll look at these first, and then talk a bit about smiley faces and their usefulness in the forums.

There are only five tags that the DevCentral forums currently support – Code, BlockQuote, Bold, Link, and Italics. These are standard tags if you have used other boards online, and work as they would anywhere else – by sandwiching the text in between open and close tags.

Here are the actual tags available for your use listed out:

Code [code]This is code[/code]
Quote [blockquote]This is a block quote[/blockquote]
Italic [i]This is italic[/i]
Bold [b]This is bold[/b]
Link to another site [url][/url]

And here’s how each of them will look in your posts:


The bold tag is pretty self-explanatory, but here’s a glance at what it will look like when you use it in a post:



Here’s what you can get from the Italic Tag.



Quote simply places a box around your entry to make it stand out. When you click the “Quote” button on an existing message, it creates a new message with the text of the message you wanted to quote already pasted in with [quote] and [/quote] around it.

How a quote looks (the quoted portion is the section with the box around it):



You can place links into your source by simply typing in the tags. Here is an example with two links in it (the words “Click Here” in blue are links to other pages):