Well as you may have noticed by now, we've been hard at work here in the DevCentral camp, trying to bring some more cool stuff to the table for the community. We've added some pretty cool things that I'd personally recommend checking out.

One of the things that has been on the radar for a while now and has just gotten released as of today is an additional Wiki for FirePass. That's right, DevCentral's not just for iRules and iControl anymore. We're now providing a place for people that are interested in learning about or discussing the cool things that FirePass can do above and beyond the normal configuration stuff.

The other addition is a truly major one, as far as not only the networking marketplace, but the community as well are concerned. Be sure to get on over to the Downloads section to check out the very slick new iRule Editor. A Windows client that lets you create, modify, deploy, syntax check, even share iRules with the community, this thing has tons of features worth taking for a spin. I have to say personally that it's really nice to be able to do real time syntax checking without having to work directly off of my BIG-IP. Take that and add all the other cool things this tool does, and you've got a must have download for anyone working with, or looking at working with iRules. In depth walkthrough with Joe linked from the download page, or here

Last but certainly not least is the fact that we're syndicating the DCTV clips we love to make. They're getting pushed out via iTunes and Yahoo as well. While I know they aren't as catchy to listen to as the Trance that usually fills many a geek's iPod, they're still pretty handy to have around when you want them. We've heard stories of people grabbing a few for long trips too, so they can learn some new tricks while they fly. Pretty cool!

So there you have it, awesome new content to check out on DevCentral.

- A new FirePass Wiki
- The killer new iRule Editor
- And iTunes / Yahoo syndication to boot.