I was helping out a prospective customer in their evaluation phase, giving them a hand understanding how iControl could help them better serve their customers, and sought some help from a fellow team member the other day.

Now if you know much about the team, you know that there's a lot of experience with networking, coding, and F5 products on the team. So it drove home to me how rich our APIs really are when this coworker sent me a link to the Certificate Services interfaces and a note saying "wow! That's rich!".

Yes, yes it is. Which is good for you - there's a lot you can do with iControl. It can be overwhelming though because there's just a lot of information there.

The DevCentral team is working on helping you along with that, Joe's labs on assemblies, my work on iControl with Java in Eclipse, some stuff Colin is working on that I'll let him share with you (poke, poke)...

Deb is focusing more on your advanced configuration options and iRules than on iControl, but that's good for the team, spreads the work out a bit. Watch what she's up to, because it will give you ideas for optimizing your BigIP's performance. Seriously, I've read some of her work, it's good stuff.

It does mean more work for us though - anything that touches all of the routines will, by definition, include thousands or even tens of thousands of lines of code.

That's okay, it's what we do, and if we can make one or two or even ten interface systems that help you navigate the richness of our APIs, it's better than all of you having to reinvent the wheel. Just be a little patient with us as we work through everything - we're going as fast as we can, and documents/tools/libraries that make your (the developers) life easier are high on the priority list for our team.

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