With the anticipated release of Apple Mac OS X 10.11 on September 30, 2015, we (F5) wanted to provide a quick update on F5 APM client and Edge Client compatibility and support for Mac OS X 10.11. 

In general, F5 Edge Client will work with Mac OS X 10.11, just as it does with Mac OS X 10.10. A new version of Edge Client specifically for OS X 10.11 interoperability is not expected.  

However, F5 teams will test the Mac OS X 10.11 official release (“Golden Master”) version.  If our testing uncovers major issues on this Mac OS X 10.11 version, and if a new version of Edge Client is required to address those issues, F5 will communicate that in advance. 

F5 will provide support for F5 Edge Client on Mac OS X 10.11 when it is officially released.  And, when Mac OS X 10.11 is officially released, we will update the compatibility matrices for the various BIG-IP versions.