We get the opportunity to interview people on occasion, and when we signed a partnership with Data Domain, I became intrigued. The two technologies definitely could be complimentary, but I wanted to understand the how/why of our partnership.

Rick Gillett, VP of Data Systems Architecture took some time to chat with me and provide some slides that illustrate how the two technologies work together via this partnership and what the cost implications could be - based on real-world deployments of ARX with Data Domain.

It had some serious surprises for me, that's for certain, I'm hoping it does for you too.

With all of that said, here's the link to the presentation (props to Articulate): Introduction to the F5 Networks and Data Domain Automated Storage Tiering Solution.

Your feedback is welcome, this is the first in a series, so how can we make it better? (though I doubt most will have the level of surprise that this one does on the economics front)

Until next time,